Vision & Mision

Living Waters Pre and Primary school is a private school established by the Living Waters Church of Nazarene in 1990. It is an auxiliary of the Living Waters Church of Nazarene, built on the Church’s property and functions as self-supporting institution. The present Pastor of the day assumes the role of the Ex-ofio Chairman of the school’s governing body to safeguard the interest of both the church and that of the parents /Guardians. The Church of Nazarene firmly believes in education as the many educational institutions in the country attest to such.

The school prides itself by being an auxiliary of the church. The church’s involvement in the school extends to learners in the form of morning devotions during assembly where the church members and other Nazarene Missionaries motivate the learners on diverse issues. The present Pastor also plays a pivotal role in terms of spiritual guidance to staff, learners and parents. The Church board functions as an appeal body and the ultimate decision endorser where the school is concerned.


Mission Statement

Living Waters School seeks to identify, encourage and develop the potential in each child through:

Effective selection, training and retention of staff to develop and deliver a balanced, best practised program of learning which integral through learners is time at school.

Build a community based on relationship with God and each other where the character of Christ is valued.


Vision Statement

“To be a Christian community that fosters innovation and excellence in its programs for academic, vocational, physical and spiritual development of learners, nurtures spiritual and emotional growth and prepares learners to move into life the school, confident and competent in the their chosen fields.